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I still dream of Orgonon

I wake up crying

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Not really sure what exactly to put here anymore. Graduating from college means holding down two jobs and having to deal intimately with The Real World, so I don't get too much time to post anything anymore. :/

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(just covering all the bases, because I know I'll switch back and fourth randomly)

My Journal Title/Subtitle...
Is a lyric from Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting." I know it seems very weird, and you'd probably have to read all about the song on Wikipedia to understand it, so I'm just gonna say that if you listen to it, "Orgonon" is about 100% less WTF and 100% more aesthetically pleasing.

My Friends Page Title...
Is way more info than you cared to know. :P Anyway, it's a quote from Tommy Boy, and it seems too perfect to change, so I'm pretty sure it'll have that title forever.

Marriage is love.

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My Favorite Timewaster - The Soundtrack To Your Life
Put your iPod on shuffle and fill out the form. ;)

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'67 impalas, 42, almost famous, always sunny in philadephia, arcade fire, arizona, arrested development, austin powers, backmasking, be kind rewind, bill nye, bob dylan, bono, boomtown rats, boy meets world, brian may, brother where art thou, bruce springsteen, canada, capricious caroline, captain jack (sparrow&harkness), charlie the unicorn, charmed, classic rock, community, conan o'brien, courage the cowardly dog, david bowie, david tennant, dean winchester, doctor who, donna noble, eddie izzard, edith piaf, england, even stevens, everything 80s, existentialism, family guy, farscape, firefly, folk music, france, freddie mercury, french, fresh prince of bel-air, fry & laurie, futurama, gallifrey, gilmore girls, graham norton, gypsies, harry potter, hating my generation, hippies, history, house md, jacques brel, janis joplin, jensen ackles, jersey pride, john deacon, john lennon, johnny bravo, joni mitchell, judy collins, kung pow!, labradors, leonard cohen, little miss sunshine, living the breakfast club, marie spartali, max weinberg 7, memes, mighty boosh, monty python, mr. bean, mxc, my ipod, mythbusters, ned's declassified, nerdfighters, office space, old gregg, old mtv, paul is dead, peace, philadelphia eagles, photography, protest songs, queen, quotes, random spanish channel shows, random useless trivia, rickrolling, rock & roll, roger taylor, rolling stone magazine, romanovs, rose tyler, russia, scrubs, seinfeld, shaun of the dead, so weird, south park, spaceballs, spongebob squarepants, spoof movies, star wars, supernatural, sushi, that 70s show, the abed guarantee, the beatles, the burger king king, the dixie chicks, the killers, the mighty boosh, the office, the roxbury guys, the scarlet letter, the simpsons, the soup, the who, the x-files, theme time radio hour, tivo, tommy boy, tori amos, travel, troy & abed, u2, vh1's i love the, vinyl records, wawa, weird al yankovic, weird nj, whose line, winchester cathedral, wuthering heights, youtube, ytmnd