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Stolen from sunnytyler001

Open your gif folder
Use every third gif as a reaction to the statement

1. Your parents' reaction when you were born:

2. How you felt on your first day of school:

3. Your reaction when you learned to ride a bike:

4. Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend:

5. How you felt when you got your first crush:

6. How your first crush felt when you told them:

...That's probably more accurate than I'd like to admit.

7. Your reaction when your parents sat you down to have 'the talk':

8. How you felt after your first kiss:

9. Your partner's reaction to that kiss:

10. How you felt after your very first hangover:

11. How you felt after having sex for the first time:

12. How you felt waiting for your exam results:

13. Your reaction to failing an exam:

14. Your reaction to passing an exam:

15. How you felt after getting into your chosen university:

16. Your reaction to being dumped by your partner:

17. How you felt after smoking pot for an evening:

18. Everyone's reaction to a party you organized:

19. Your reaction to finding your true love:

20. Your reaction to graduating:

21. How you felt on your wedding day:

22. How you felt during your wedding night:

(And then I ran out of gifs, but here is the rest of the meme if you want to copy it)
23. Your reaction when you find out you're pregnant:

24. The .gif that describes the rest of your life:

25. Your family's reaction when you pass away:

lol that was fun. (Half of these things have never happened to me)


Sep. 2nd, 2011 08:46 am (UTC)
Very cool gifs! :D
Sep. 2nd, 2011 01:09 pm (UTC)
Oh my god, you have the most beautiful gifs. Stealing this meme!
Sep. 3rd, 2011 01:21 am (UTC)
These made me laugh really hard. Is that a Monkees gif??? Good gracious. I love it.
Sep. 3rd, 2011 01:23 am (UTC)
lol no, it's the actual Beatles, from the Help! movie. ;)