"Welcome All" seems like an oxymoronic title for a non-public journal, doesn't it?


Due to unforeseen events, my journal is now 100% f-locked (okay so I make a few random entries public here and there, but more or less). I don't like hiding stuff about myself either, but when I didn't, my roommate decided to sabotage my life by using my entries against me. So here we are. Sorry LJ world. Maybe I'll add a meme or something into this entry so people can get a better idea about who they're friending first.

Comment to be added. :)

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Songs of Ice and Fire - My Attempt at a Game of Thrones fanmix

So I've finally tweaked the playlist I've been working on enough to deem it *mostly* worthy of digestion by others. I dunno. I got rid of a few songs after yesterday and added another, and there's still one that I'm not totally sure fits (but it sounds epic dammit!)

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It happened.

Sigh. I have a tumblr now.

I feel dirty making one. Also confused because I have no idea how to do anything over there, lol.

But anyway, I had like 15 tumblrs in my internet bookmarks, so if nothing else, this is just a consolidation measure so I can view them all in one place.

I know that realistically though, that's where most of you are all hanging out. So, comment with yours if you wanna be followed, follow if you wanna follow.

I am the worst person to watch things with. Especially Paris things.

I know I just posted. Maybe two posts at once will make up for the usual drought in this journal, lol.

Anyway, so one of the things that I've always wanted to do is watch some episodes of Classic Who, as I've never really seen it. I downloaded a few of them onto my computer a long time ago, but never got around to watching them. So, I decided to pick up on it tonight while I have some time free. I started, however, with an episode I've seen already - City of Death.

I wanted to watch it again since I've now been to Paris, so I could see what the city looked like in the 70s compared to how it looked when I visited. I soon realized, however, that I am the worst person to watch things like this with.

I know that when most shows film on location and like to get big, sweeping shots of the place, they'll just film anywhere that looks nice, regardless of if the areas are actually close to each other or not. Still, however, I can't help but nitpick...

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Tea motherf*****

The title of this post is a throwback to a late 2005/early 2006 parody of Lazy Sunday that probably no one besides me has ever seen. Anywhoo...

I've had the idea for this post for a while. And by a while, I mean probably about a year, after my mom gave me a loose tea sampler and I was just lost in a world of constantly-changing teas for weeks. I figured it would be fun to talk about my 5 favorite teas. So why am I only posting this now? Well, because for the longest time, I only had four favorites.

Well, sort of. I had a tea that I knew I really liked, but I'd yet to find a good brand/type of it for purchase that I could actually talk about. Now that I have, however...

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Stolen from sunnytyler001

Open your gif folder
Use every third gif as a reaction to the statement

1. Your parents' reaction when you were born:

2. How you felt on your first day of school:

3. Your reaction when you learned to ride a bike:

4. Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend:

5. How you felt when you got your first crush:

6. How your first crush felt when you told them:

...That's probably more accurate than I'd like to admit.

7. Your reaction when your parents sat you down to have 'the talk':

8. How you felt after your first kiss:

9. Your partner's reaction to that kiss:

10. How you felt after your very first hangover:

11. How you felt after having sex for the first time:

12. How you felt waiting for your exam results:

13. Your reaction to failing an exam:

14. Your reaction to passing an exam:

15. How you felt after getting into your chosen university:

16. Your reaction to being dumped by your partner:

17. How you felt after smoking pot for an evening:

18. Everyone's reaction to a party you organized:

19. Your reaction to finding your true love:

20. Your reaction to graduating:

21. How you felt on your wedding day:

22. How you felt during your wedding night:

(And then I ran out of gifs, but here is the rest of the meme if you want to copy it)
23. Your reaction when you find out you're pregnant:

24. The .gif that describes the rest of your life:

25. Your family's reaction when you pass away:

lol that was fun. (Half of these things have never happened to me)

Writer's Block: Going down

You're on a crashing plane and your partner is fast asleep. Would you wake her/him up to say 'I love you' one last time or let her/him die in her/his sleep?

If they SLEPT THROUGH A PLANE SUDDENLY PLUMMETING THOUSANDS OF FEET THROUGH THE AIR, they were probably catatonic throughout your whole relationship and waking them up to say "I Love You" probably wouldn't matter much because chances are they never really cared too much anyway.

Writer's Block: Homeword bound

How would you describe your perfect home in ten words or less?

A place that was somehow a magical combination of Pembrokeshire, Wales and Arizona. Just the whole state. Deserts, mountains, Grand Canyon, all somehow in this magical home. Yep. I went a little over 10 words, didn't I?

Also, a home where people know how to spell "Homeward" would be nice too. Seriously LJ, read these things before you put them out for everyone to see.

I am electro/glam boy...

DEAR GOD WHY DOES ANYONE LET ME STAY UP PAST 1 AM??? It always ends in something crazy. Right now that's probably fueled by one of the craziest X-Files episodes ever, the Post-Modern Prometheus, being on TV, but anyway, I was just going to do "one more thing" before going to bed, and of course, that didn't work out because a BRAINSTORM! hit me.

And it's one that seems so obvious that I feel like I've thought it before, I just can't remember doing so. It seems so obvious that the actors from the show must have mentioned it... but I can't remember either of those things actually occuring, so it's up to me at 2:30 AM to point it all out to you:


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