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I know I just posted. Maybe two posts at once will make up for the usual drought in this journal, lol.

Anyway, so one of the things that I've always wanted to do is watch some episodes of Classic Who, as I've never really seen it. I downloaded a few of them onto my computer a long time ago, but never got around to watching them. So, I decided to pick up on it tonight while I have some time free. I started, however, with an episode I've seen already - City of Death.

I wanted to watch it again since I've now been to Paris, so I could see what the city looked like in the 70s compared to how it looked when I visited. I soon realized, however, that I am the worst person to watch things like this with.

I know that when most shows film on location and like to get big, sweeping shots of the place, they'll just film anywhere that looks nice, regardless of if the areas are actually close to each other or not. Still, however, I can't help but nitpick...

So, the episode begins with the Doctor and Romana atop the Eiffel Tower. Let's have Google Maps help us put that in perspective:

Google Maps 1

I've put an ugly red dot where the Eiffel Tower is here.

Next, the Doctor says he knows a nice cafe for lunch, and off they set. We see shots of them taking the Metro, and outside the windows, we can see them going past the Eiffel Tower. However, this is where it starts getting strange.

Now, I'm not even going to go into the fact that the first metro station we see is Nation, which is literally clear on the other side of the city. We don't actually see them get on at this station, so let's just call it a poor establishing shot. Anyway, The Doctor and Romana then get off the Metro - at Trocadero.

Now, the Trocadero is LITERALLY just across a bridge from the Eiffel Tower. It's a bit of a walk, yes, but here's the thing - the Eiffel Tower is remarkably poorly-serviced by metro. The closest station was Croix-Rouge on the Champs de Mars, which was closed during World War II and never reopened. So, if your legs aren't feeling up to walking over to Trocadero, they're not going to feel up to walking to the closest metro station to GET to Trocadero anyway.

But let's assume the Doctor and Romana are just naive with the metro, and got on at the closest station, Bir-Hakeim, and got off at the Trocadero. Their route from the Eiffel Tower would look something like this:

Google Maps 2

Not direct, but forgivable. But then it gets REALLY weird. We see a lot of shots of them walking, and the cafe that they go to has a wonderful view of the Notre Dame. Where is the Notre Dame, you ask? NOWHERE NEAR TROCADERO. Is it another area that is poorly serviced by metro? NOPE. The Notre Dame is on an island in the center of Paris, but there is a metro stop ON THE ISLAND. There is also one just about at the foot of the cafe that Romana and the Doctor would have been eating at.

So, now, they've taken the metro in a complete circle to get off two stops over, and then decided to walk. How far? This far:

Google Maps 3

(Their probable walking route is in blue. The Notre Dame is marked with a purple dot. The Louvre, their next destination, is a yellow dot.)


Yes, walking through Paris is lovely. But I've done a route sort of like this. IT'S FAR. And yes, I know they're aliens and they probably have a better stamina or whatever have you. But they paid for metro tickets!!! They clearly intended to use the public transportation to get around. So what the hell where they doing?????

Next up, the Doctor wants to take Romana to the Louvre. This is a lot closer to the Notre Dame than the Eiffel Tower, but there's still an issue. We see the two of them dash across the Place de la Concorde during their walk - meaning they've approached the Louvre from the OPPOSITE side of where they were. Meaning, this route went something like this:

Google Maps 4

*facepalm* Why. Why would you do that.

So, in conclusion... it's just a tv show, and of course it's not supposed to make sense. But taking all of this literally, we can conclude that either the Doctor has a terrible sense of direction, he's being a huge troll to Romana, or the both of them are masochists that like to waste money on metro tickets and then kill their feet by walking in circles. lol.

That is all.


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Apr. 22nd, 2013 09:23 am (UTC)
This kind of thing still happens- most producers don't think people won't be able to tell if the story is not set in the country in which the show is normally filmed.

Case in point- an episode of Nikita season 2, when Nikita and Michael are trying to save a British agent and her son. Their car is driving along the A603 near Sandy and Bedford (literally 8 miles from my home). Nikita jumps out of the car and runs to save the boy because they won't be able to drive to him in time... who is currently playing in a park on London. She manages to clear 40+ miles in 10 minutes- impressive! Lol
This isn't just production choosing a park that viewers would think was nearby- they even named St James' Park. Nowhere near Bedford.
Apr. 22nd, 2013 09:59 pm (UTC)
lol. Yeah, it amuses me when I see stuff like that. The best are shows like Supernatural that seemingly go to a different town in the US every episode, but really film in Canada. So, if they happen to pick a town near you, the results are hilarious. (Or random - I still have no idea why Supernatural picked Hammonton for their New Jersey episode - there's literally nothing there but blueberry fields and a Wal-Mart)

And I can still remember an X-Files episode which was the same story - supposedly they came to Atlantic City, which is surrounded by beaches/marshes, but they have some random sequence where they run out of the city and into an adjacent forest! It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
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